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Links to Other Websites

Hope TV - The official site to the Seventh-day Adventist flagship television ministry.  This station may be seen by internet connection at this location, or you may order a satellite dish at a special price to view this and other Adventist programming in your home or business

3ABN - The official site of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network.  This site offers you the opportunity to view satellite programs LIVE or listen to 3ABN radio LIVE.  You can also find program guides to show when your favorite program will air.

Biblical Research Institute - The official research facility of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Literally hundreds of documents are available for you reading and download on various Bible topics written by various theologians within the church.

The Justified Walk - A series of Week of Prayer sermons given in 1978 at Andrews University.  In this series, you will find how clear the plan of salvation is and how to apply it to your daily life.  This series has been listened to by the thousands and has changed lives, marriages, and families that have struggled through the walk of life and have now come to the foot of the cross.  Learn how to put Christ where He belongs; in your daily life.  This is cutting edge for those of us in the 21st Century!

Maranatha Media - This website, put together by an Australian Adventist pastor, brings together creative Bible Study tools, photos, and PDF books of books now out of print.  There are literally thousands of pages of resource material on various Bible and Prophetic subjects that will keep you studying for years to come!

Life in the Holy Land - this is an excellent site devoted to photo's of the Holy Land.  You may purchase many different sets of photographs depending on your choice of area to study.  In the past few weeks we've added dozens of new pages, including David and Goliath, the Jordan River, Jaffa, the Karnak Temple, Paul in Damascus, Peter and Cornelius, and the Holy Fire Ceremony.  This site includes extensive pictures of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, and many other places where Jesus walked while on earth!  You will enjoy these pictures, and you will better understand Holy Scripture as you see the Bible come alive!  Sets are extremely affordable, please visit this site today!

The Story of Revelation and Redemption - A site specifically for the study of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.  This is a great study for those really wanting to dig deep!

The Sabbath Truth - An excellent website created by Seventh-day Adventists to bring awareness of the Bible Sabbath in a non-threatening way.  This is an excellent website to share with your non-Sabbath keeping friends and family.

Bible Universe - The ultimate Bible study website specifically put together to take non-Christians on their journey toward Jesus.  This is an excellent website to share with your non-Christian friends and family to lovingly, and step-by-step lead them into a love relationship with their Savior.