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The following health lectures go with the In Pursuit of Excellence health series taught annually at the church.  You may download and print these for your convenience.

  1. How to Live Four to Eleven Extra Years . .  If You Start Now!
  2. The Nutrition Gap
  3. Everybody Needs Exercise
  4. God's Health Program - Part One
  5. Prizing Our Body and The Original Diet is Still Better
  6. Fueling the Body and Fueling the Soul
  7. The High Cost of Alcohol
  8. Alcohol in the Bible
  9. The Pause That Refleshes and Tracing Your Roots
  10. When Habit's are Strong and the Will is Weak
  11. Learning to Sleep and the Seven Rests of God
  12. The Health Teachings of Jesus and Coping with the 6:00pm News
  13. God's Health Program - Part Two

These previous 12 lectures are courtesy of Pastor Gary Strunk of California who authored the series, "In Pursuit of Excellence".  I took his class at Southern Adventist University in 1998 and was profoundly impressed with his material and method of teaching.  I have attempted to reach Pastor Strunk by phone to speak with him since he has now retired, but have not had any success to this point.  I publicly thank him for his class, for the above materials, and give him full credit for the materials I have used in the classes I have taught since meeting him. (Pastor Fancher)

The following is a PDF file for easy printing and viewing of  the185 Powerpoint slides on health as presented by the Zaroulhiotis Family at the Fort Walton Beach Church on the week-end of April 21-23.  This file is 14.5MB in size which is why we have split it into four files for your convenience.  Their contact information is on the First Slide in Presentation One.