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Donations & Support
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Donations & Support
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We appreciate your support of our church.  As you know this church operates on the donations of its members and friends.  100% of donations to this organization are tax-deductible and a receipt will be issued to you.

Mailing Address

Tithe and Offerings may be sent to:

Fort Walton Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church
P. O. Box 1209
Fort Walton Beach, FL  32549

Funds Distribution Form

NOTICE:  You may also contact us to set-up a direct deposit of your offerings on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis. Please contact us for more information.

You may print this page and include it with your check or money order for your convenience.


Note: Please besure to designate your funds clearly.
Tithe (10%)  _________________________________________________________
Local Church Budget 6%  _________________________________________________________
Building Fund  _________________________________________________________
Conference Advance  _________________________________________________________
Bass Academy Mission   _________________________________________________________
World Budget  _________________________________________________________
African Student Support  ________________________________________________________
Church School  _________________________________________________________
Worthy Student Fund  _________________________________________________________
Other  _________________________________________________________
Other  _________________________________________________________
TOTAL ENCLOSED  _________________________________________________________

Here is a breakdown on how your tithe dollar is divided and invested in God's work:
Local Conference 73.87 Cents
Employee Retirement Fund 10.75 Cents
Union Conference 2.9 Cents
North American Division 1.76 Cents
General Conference - To Divisions 3.47 Cents
General Conference - To Missionaries 2.11 Cents
Other Appropriations 1.35 Cents
General Conference Operating Expense 3.79 Cents


100 percent



Church Budget

2007-2008 Church Budget - A downloadable copy of our current church budget. ** Due to the economy we are continuing in 2017 with our 2007-2008 church budget.

Tithe and Offerings

FOR MORE INFORMATION on Tithe and Offerings please see the Seventh-day Adventist Stewardship Website or click on the following information bar.