Our Pastor

Pastor Dennis Bryant Bio  


     Pastor Dennis Bryant is a native of Southern Georgia. At a young age he joined the Baptist church where he began his work in serving and seeking God. Upon graduating high school, Pastor Bryant joined the United States Army. It was during his time in the Army, Pastor Bryant found himself not only in a physical war but a spiritual war as well. While in the Army Pastor Bryant’s faith, beliefs and his knowledge of God was put to the test.  

      After his Army career, Pastor Bryant began his journey seeking and having a personal experience with God, something he never had before. This led him to many questions, challenges and a deep yearning for God. These questions, challenges, a yearning for God and probing by the Holy Spirit; launched Pastor Bryant into a deep and thorough studying of the Bible and then to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  

      In 2012, Pastor Bryant dedicated his life back to God and in 2014 he was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Three years later in 2017, he chose to answer God’s call to become a Pastor and was accepted into the Andrew’s University Seminary. Pastor Bryant has held the positions of Deacon, Men’s Ministry Leader, Religious Liberty Assistant Leader, Sabbath School Facilitator, Greeter and Ordained Elder. As an Elder, Pastor Bryant was one of the founders of the Fountain of Life Seventh-day Adventist Company located in Fairburn, GA. 

     While in the Army, Pastor Bryant traveled to over 35 different countries. He is a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq War. After leaving the Army, he worked in Information Technology and Business. Pastor Bryant has a Bachelor Science degree in Information Systems with a Concentration in Software Engineering and a Master in Business Administration. He is currently completing his Master in Divinity and a Master in Marriage & Family Counseling. It was during his enlistment in the Army he met and married a wonderful lady named Karen. They have 6 amazingly interesting children, four boys and two girls.  

Pastor Dennis Bryant’s philosophy:  

     I am a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13-14).  I am passionate about introducing God to people in a way that invites them to have a Christian experience. As a servant of God, I strive to help individuals and families embrace God as the center of their life and relationships; while demonstrating unconditional love and forgiveness. My life is to be a beacon of light to those who walk in darkness. My aspirations are to make disciples for Christ and not just members of the church.