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Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

Welcome to our prayer page!

Do you have a concern for which you would like us to join you in prayer? You may share your request with us by filling out the submission form.

Our Prayer Ministry Team will pray over each and every request!

The “Make public” checkbox is automatically set as NO. This means that all prayer request will only be view by the prayer team. If you wish to make the request public be sure to check the “Make Public” checkbox. This will allow others to also pray for your request. 

We reserve the right to not publish some requests. Requests that are too graphic or identify other people through the information or circumstances may be edited before posting for the public or not posted at all.

It is a pleasure for the members of our team to pray for every request whether it is public or private!




Here are requests that have been submitted for you to also pray for:

Name Date Category Title Request
Seth Joseph Howard Howard April 14, 2022 Deliverance Please pray for my friend Michelle. She has gotten far away from God. She has been very rebellious against The Most High God. She has done some grievous things in her life. She is also confused about some essential things in her life. She has major depression, and major anxiety. She is very angry at God, and life. Please pray for Michelle that she comes back to The Throne of God. Also pray for her confusion, anxiety, depression, and anger, and rage. Pray that I can have Bible studies with her one day. Also that she will become a baptized member in The Seventh-Day Adventist Church. And last but least pray that we can date and one day get married.
Michael White April 15, 2022 Financial Miracle Hello, with all earnestness, I ask that you please pray for me to have a financial miracle, extraordinary wisdom, faith to move mountains, and abundant favor that will all be given to me by God. Glory be to God for our answered prayers.
Elísio Araújo April 20, 2022 Health Please pray for my wife Cibele. Unfortunately, treatment to combat deep endometriosis is not working. In addition to severe cramps, she has severe pains in her belly, when defecating, and recently she has been experiencing severe pains under her ribs, and in her abdomen. This disease can spread to any part of the body like cancer. She's been having coughs, heart problems, lump in her breast. I also ask for prayer for my mother-in-law, Lucimar. She has glaucoma, high blood pressure, is unable to work. May God provide everything so that my wife doesn't need surgery, that she stays healthy and my mother-in-law stays healthy. Thank you very much in advance. God blesses.
Gavin Turner April 24, 2022 Restoration and Deliverance I'm under some sort of heavy spiritual attack and really need deliverance. Was put in a very compromising situation and had some things happen to me, a lot of trauma I haven't healed from where its much easier to open these doors up now. A lot of demonic bondages in my soul that need to be broken. It is a real battle that I'm in here.
Michelee Wright April 26, 2022 Need money Lord please I am asking you to give me financial freedom. I need $200, 000 please provide this money for me Lord in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you for this money Lord.
Sean Weed April 30, 2022 A new beginning Please pray I am alone. Rapid recovery from chronic eczema all over. I am Behind on bills. Please pray I give my best to God first and He will make a better testimony and bear much fruit. Thank you!



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